Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hold Your Tongue

Malena Eljumaily
I've learned to be more careful with my words.
     This past April, I saw my husband fretting and stressing over taxes.  I warned him, "You need to relax or you'll have a stroke." 
     Of course, I was exaggerating, but a week later he had a stroke.  The doctor said it had nothing to do with stress and taxes.  I wonder.  He's made a complete recovery and life is back to normal now.
     Today, stepping over piles of junk and toys, I wanted to ask my son, "Would it kill you to clean your room?"  But I held my tongue.

Albert J. Rothman
We were lovers. I was 70, she was 53. We celebrated my 70th birthday, but for the fun of it we labeled it my second sixtieth birthday. At the party a friend gave me a  gift, a clock that runs backward.
     One day, she said,  “You’re too old for me,” and she left.
     Strangely, the clock had magical powers. Each week I became a year younger. Finally my age regressed to 40 and remained stable.
     By chance we met and became lovers again.  Later I told her I wanted my freedom.
   “Why?” she asked.
   “Because you’re too old for me.”

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