Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Time

A Fishy Love
Don Hagelberg
The boat rode the ocean well.  No large swells made fishing easier.

Too late!

"Voi! My fish is making circles underneath the surface.  Dolf! Reel-in your line!"

Gene's strike caught Dolf's line.  Dolf's reel spun out of control.

The Captain shouted at his clients, "Let me tie the wheel..."

Dolf yelled back, "Stay there!" and opened his penknife cutting his own fishing line.

"Now you have to pay to replace your bait-harness," Gene moaned.

Dolf stared at him.

"You would have lost your salmon.  I've ocean-fished before.  It's your first time."

 Jeane Slone
While researching my historical novel, She Flew Bombers, I needed to see and feel a 1918 Curtiss Jenny airplane. To my dismay I could not find one. A surprise phone call came from a pilot asking me if I would like to go up in one. Coming back "high" on my flying experience in the open cockpit plane, I called a former WWII Woman Airforce Service Pilot to brag about it. 
Her response was, "Did you wear a parachute?" 
I innocently answered, "No." 
Quickly she asked, "How high did you go?" 
"I don't know" I sheepishly responded. 
She answered, "I would have never gone up in one!" 
Later I found out there are only ten presently airborne!

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